Winter Artisan Box 2021



Our homes continue to have new meaning and Wanderluxe Home wants to bring you ethically handcrafted pieces with a soul and a story. Each box features 4-6 curated products made by our global artisan partners.

Box contents:

  • La Mesa Tea Towel
  • Orinoco Spoon Set
  • Tzalam Coasters
  • Soy Ugandan Palmarosa Candle
  • Arabic 100% Bourbon Coffee
  • Details below
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Orinoco Spoons – Set of 2

Mexican culture is known for passing down their traditions from generation to generation. At the Agua y Monte Artisan Cooperative in Pajapan, the artisans have been taught the traditional ways of woodworking over hundreds of years. They utilize locally sourced cocuite wood from their village in Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve, where they carve intricate pieces like these stunning natural Orinoco Spoons (set of 2). Each set is tied with a strap of smooth Mexican leather and is perfect for scooping coffee! We are excited to work with these artisans through our partnership at Ayres Studio.

Hand-carved in Veracruz, Mexico

La Mesa Tea Towels – Set of 2

These simple yet stunning tea towels each come with a story. Every single towel is handmade by our beloved artisan partner Rodrigo and his family through a very intricate weaving process—pedal loom weaving. Pedal loom weaving is a technique that dates back to the 1500s. It’s a traditional method that the Spaniards introduced to the Zapotec people after their conquest. Still to this day, the village of Mitla uses this centuries old technique to provide a livelihood for families by creating beautiful textiles for the home

Handwoven in Mitla, Mexico

Tzalam Coasters – Set of 4

In a place like Mexico, so much of the culture is deeply rooted in nature and honoring the earth. These inherent values are expressed artistically through our Tulum coasters, designed by Ayres Studio. Each coaster (set of 4) is handcrafted into a geometric shape from pieces of native Tzalam wood. The wood used is collected from the “waste” of fallen branches or trees damaged by storms, making each piece sustainable at its core to honor mother nature.

Hand-carved in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Soy Ugandan Palmarosa Oil Candle

For the first time, we’re taking the wanderlust to Africa! These delightfully aromatic Palmarosa candles from Organic Savanna are hand poured by women artisans in Thika, Kenya. The candles are set in an upcycled glass made with glass removed from the streets of the community. The ingredients used are locally sourced utilizing rich, natural products that come from the land. 100% of Organic Savanna’s sales are reinvested into the community.

Handcrafted in Thika, Kenya

Arabica 100% Bourbon Coffee

Grown in the small coffee town of Xanica, located on the coastal region of Oaxaca, it is home to 20 families of farmers. We partnered with Chasseurs de Saveurs, a small business in Veracruz, Mexico that is committed to promoting rural development in a fair and eco-friendly way. This partnership allows us to share authentic products from the Edible Forests of Mexico straight to your home. The coffee is medium roasted and finely ground, full of vanilla and lemon aromas that are sure to delight your tastebuds.

Handcrafted in Xanica, Mexico

Details + Care

Soy Ugandan Palmarosa Oil Candle

Size: 200 grams

Tzalam Coasters

Care: Wash by hand. Dry immediately.
Size: 4″ W x 5″ L
Material: Wood

Orinoco Spoons – Set of 2

Care: Wash by hand. Dry immediately. Wipe periodically with linseed oil.
Size: 5.5” L x 2.5″ W x 1.75″ H
Material: Wood

La Mesa Tea Towels – Set of 2

Care: Machine wash cold.  Hang or lay flat to dry.
Size: 20″ W x 26″ L
Material: 100% Cotton


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