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Organic Savanna is a truly inspirational social enterprise that puts sustainable impact and empowering women and families at the forefront of their mission. In fact, they live by their brand motto, “Do Good, Empower People”. After meeting the founder in 2019 and uncovering their unique passions, ethical business practices and do-good spirit, we knew we had to partner with them.

Today Organic Savanna employs nearly 30 local women artisans in Thika, Kenya. These talented women handcraft our Wanderluxe Home candles using the rich natural ingredients found in East Africa.

It’s Organic Savanna’s mission to practice business sustainably to preserve both its rich land and distinctive culture. Each item they make is crafted with 100% recycled and/or reusable materials and they’ve planted over 30,000 aloe vera plants, which are used for their body products, in a community farm. Not to mention they reinvest 100% of their profits into the local community and ecosystem.

Perhaps most inspirational is their investment in education to empower younger generations. Through a partnership with The Karibu Centre, they’ve helped to educate 1,500 local children in efforts to break generational poverty in the Umoja community.

Organic Savanna is an authentically sustainable brand that’s using business for good, putting opportunity for communities and the sustainability of our world before profits.



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Wanderluxe Home is a conscious home décor brand dedicated to preserving the heritage of master artisans.

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